The sky is the limit.

Fashion knows no boundaries.

And so is Duchess and Co’s vision. 

Created by three bold and beautiful fashionistas, this Malaysian fashion label is set to take the local fashion scene to another level with their gutsy aspiration of establishing its brand locally and internationally in stores and online.

Duchess and Co’s vision is to create a brand for woman that loves and wants to look feminine, timeless and stylish. We believe a great outfit boost a woman’s confidence and we aim to provide them with that! Duchess and Co knows very well that the task ahead of them is overwhelming but having to fulfill every girl’s inner feminine dream is what drives them to endless ideas, creativity and excitement.

As trends come and go quickly, it’s no surprise for a fast-moving fashion track. Not only does Duchess and Co captures the latest trends with their own interpretation, they create timeless feminine designs that are intricate, elevated and exclusive in an array of dresses, skirts, blouses and trousers – with a modern twist.

This unique Malaysian brand prides itself on its standalone signature. It uses its vintage expertise that comes with tremendous statement and classic print and embroidery to create a wide-range of designs for the everyday girl who likes to style up and stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps the sky’s not the limit for this aspiring Malaysian brand as they aim for every woman to own a piece of Duchess and Co one day. After-all, there are footprints on the moon.

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