Spring / Summer'18

Inspired by the concept of being cruel to be kind, in life we have all given tough love to someone to lead them in the right path rather than letting them commit a mistake which could lead to a heartache. A beautiful yet painful kind of love shared between family, friends and society. We have all been guilty of making a wrong choice and wished someone has told us the ugly truth however sometimes when we are told the ugly truth it hurts. We too have been part of revealing an ugly truth for the betterment of someone in hopes they will understand and learn.
We danced with the emotions tied in this concept that is love and pain, soft and tough, darkness to light and you will see our Spring-Summer collection blossom with the elements in our self-designed print and designs. We designed a floral print to depict softness and toughness as one. The beautiful hues on the floral print and the flowers itself represents the delicate and curious soul. In order for one to appreciate and to learn about life one will go through obstacles and life is intertwined with thorns where we will be pricked in order to learn to appreciate the beauty of the rose and life. 

In our designs, you will see soft and hard elements span across the collection. You will see high necklines, ribbon ties and harness inspired elements to represent the constraints necessary in life. Love is soft and to represent that we have soft flowy designs with chiffon and laces. To represent toughness we also used leather as an accessory on some of the designs. In this collection, you will see a span of soft to hard silhouettes in light and dark earth tones.

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