JÙ 聚/剧

Inspired by reunion, 聚, and the opera, 剧, both pronounced meaningfully in Chinese as Jù. During Chinese New Year, the ancient Chinese opera would tell heartfelt stories which was enjoyed by families and friends after their warm reunion dinner. This collection combines the art of Traditional Chinese Opera and the warmth felt by families and friends as they come together annually just for this time of the year.
The Jù collection is our interpretation of the rich art from the opera which can be seen in the details of our latest collection.It carries oriental elements like tassels, flowers and gold detailing which forms the Chinoiserie beauty of Jù.

It is a unique amalgamation of two clashing cultures between the western and oriental. It is a collection of co-existing contrasts between the modern and traditional, the theatrical and the plain, the feminine and the bold, as well as ornate playfulness that is balanced by practical modesty.

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